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Triple G Farm

Clark and Janice Garner are family farm partners to our Carrollton, GA, Complex. Garner has been a poultry farm owner for two years and has built four state-of-the-art 66′ x 600′ foot chicken houses, where he grows 60,000 chickens per house and produces six to seven flocks annually.

The young couple lives in a house on their parents’ 400-acre farm, adjacent to their 80-acre poultry farm. Clark Garner took a brief detour after high school into the car industry. He did auto body work and then opened up his own wholesale auto dealership with his father. When the economy took a turn for the worse, the auto industry took a hit. Simultaneously, Garner met his wife Janice, and they longed to create a life with more financial stability to prepare for a family.

“The car dealership venture with my dad, that went pretty well, but the economy kind of shot it down and I had met my wife in the meantime. I was looking for a little more family-friendly, steadier income. The cars were okay, but you might make $10,000 this week and lose $4,000 next week. It was a little bit scary,” Garner says.