Earth Day | JBS USA | Sustainability Report

Marshville, NC, Chicken Production Facility

Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, Pilgrim’s team members planted a row of trees in front of the Pilgrim’s Live Operations offices in Marshville, NC. The mix of red and sugar maples were planted along US 74 and will provide a beautiful border in the summer and vibrant red colors in the fall. In addition, each tree will absorb carbon dioxide from the air, releasing oxygen and sequestering carbon in the trunk of the tree. According to American Forests, a mature tree will absorb almost 50 pounds of carbon dioxide a year and capture dust, smoke and other pollutants. Two trees will release all the oxygen an average person needs to breathe.

Pilgrim’s Marshville is proud of its record of sustainable poultry production and is constantly working to reduce its environmental footprint through more efficient production methods. Planting trees is another way we can help save the planet, and to top it off, they are beautiful!