Containers For Change | JBS USA | Sustainability Report

Purrawunda, QLD, Beef City Production Facility and Feedlot

Containers For Change

In 2018, the Queensland government introduced a statewide container refund scheme, Containers for Change, to incentivize people to collect and return containers for recycling in exchange for a 10 cent refund payment. Community members also have the option to direct their refund payment to a charity, community group or organization. Since the scheme was introduced, the JBS Australia Beef City team had the idea of supporting the organization’s recycling efforts while also donating their refunds to Lifeline, a national non-profit that provides 24 hour crisis support and suicide prevention services to all Australians experiencing a personal crisis. All donations made to Lifeline in 2018 were greatly appreciated, and Beef City team members were glad to be able to continue to assist their local community.